Youth Scriptures

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Here are the Scriptures for this week!  Is anybody using this page?  Let me know if you are @

Monday: Read Galatians 2:19-21.
What does Paul remind us about following rules versus following Christ?

Tuesday: Read Matthew 6:30-34.
We have a lot to worry about when living up to a reputation. What does Jesus remind us about in regards to worry?

Wednesday: Read Luke 10:38-42.
Are you a Mary or a Martha? What does Jesus say comes before impressing others, or even him?

Thursday: Read Genesis 3:6-7.
Undoubtedly, God gave Adam and Eve permission to eat from other trees. While we want to live up to a godly reputation, why is it so tempting to eat from the forbidden tree?

Friday: Read Proverbs 22:1.
What are some ways you hope your name will be remembered as you grow older?

Saturday: Read Acts 2:14-15.
Be thankful always that, like Peter, we are given second chances to restore our reputation as followers of Christ.

Kid Reading Bible

Want to have a devotional time?

1.) Start with an Affirmation of Faith.   Perhaps The Apostle’s Creed

2.) Read your Scripture for the Day.

3.) Reflect on what it might be telling you.

4.) Finish up with a prayer.  Perhaps The Lord’s Prayer

5.) Amen.